Advocate's Village 2

As with "Advocates Village," this story is much the same. We've all heard the saying, "It takes a villiage.." the same can be said about many systems of nurturing. One system I am especially familiar with is that of being a pain patient advocate. In this piece, you see the scars bourn on the ‘body’ of each heart surrounding the newly broken one in the center. When one’s body is damaged by injury and pain, the heart and soul breaks right along with it. Scars come with healing, restoration and TIME. It is after that period of being tended ourselves that we can then turn back around and offer help, advice, and love – those things that nurture and restore – to those who are broken. After that, we can walk the road of recovery together. **PRINTS AVAILABLE! Original belongs to Susan Samueli as part of her For Grace WIP 2017 "Patron Of Women's Rights" Award,