PAIN: Valley of the Shadow (1/3)

The Journey Through Pain is an art piece chock full of symbolism. It is the vehicle that tells the story and the story is quite universal in the world of chronic pain.
In Panel 1 , notice the winding path that begins with the phantom tree where “accusations fly.” The spectral hand attached to this tree holds the beginning of the “chain of pain” that binds all of us with chronic pain while appropriate adjectives hug its edge.
The river of tears describes the loss and grief one experiences time after time... .
The weeping willow springs up holding the inner travail of depression, worthlessness and loss of self awareness. Broken dreams, shattered goals are sideline reminders while the path ends by the horrifying pit of despair. Ultimately, the choice we - especially those with unending chronic pain must ask ourselves: Do we live or do we die?

…which leads us to Panel 2